Ce.S.I is a high specialised engineering company that operates mainly in mechanical engineering field. Ce.S.I. is involved in mechanical/adaptronic design, CAE/FEM structural analysis, research and innovation activities for machinery, aeronautics and automotive markets. The company is specialised in development of innovative products from the point of view of high performances as well as modularity, flexibility, innovative materials application and quality. Ce.S.I. has assumed a key role at international level in defining and designing different kind of systems like: high performances multi-axis modules for aerospace/automotive component machining; high speed milling machines; turning machining centers; 5-axis laser cutting machines; grinding machines; robotics and automation; smart structures design and analysis; precision mechanic systems.


Ce.S.I. Centro Studi Industriali
Via Tintoretto, 10
20093 Cologno Monzese (Mi)-Italy
Phone +39 02 254 0244
Fax +39 02 267 007
Website www.cesi.net