Newburgh Engineering Co. Ltd, a family concern, was founded in 1939 and operates from extensive sites located at Bradwell and Rotherham, England.
Newburgh has customers in all major industrial markets, distributing goods globally and thus we enjoy a stability of trading rarely experienced in the world of manufacturing.
Through its global reach Newburgh Engineering has identified flexible manufacturing systems as a key area where improved design, innovation, re-configurability and technology will have major impact on productivity, furthermore it has identified a need to be able to manufacture in close proximity to customers worldwide with a minimum setup and ramp up time.
NEW’s prime interest is in the manufacture and assembly of complex components (discs, drums, inter-cases, combustion cases, shafts, etc) rather than whole engine assembly.
NEW will bring to the project its large expertise in a large variety of industrial processes, and will plan to act as a potential end user to the project, emitting requirements and assessing project results.


Newburgh Engineering
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