Wires Engineering

Wires Engineering is an innovative Italian SME, part of Groups Brocco that operates in the whole stone productive chain: from granite quarries to slabs production passing through the design and production of diamond wires and the support in design and production of cutting machines and integrated system for quarry and sawmill. In particular in 1998, this new business unit for machine production have been set-up to support the market explosion. This request is born by a real need of cutting marble without the drawbacks of the traditional cutting methods, using explosives with lot of waste of material, high production costs, mining problems, production times, accidents, etc.

Continuous experience has enabled them to offer an avant-garde production system which depends upon a high level of product quality and reliability. In particular WIRES ENGINEERING is a global leader in diamond wire cutting machine design and production. The know-how, acquired over 30 years in the quarrying of siliceous materials (one of the hardest stones), boosted the development of new cutting technology and tools. Particularly intense experience were developed in the fields of: machines and plants for the blocks squaring, machines for stone cutting and special purposes (building applications), and multi-wires machine for stone slabs production (up to 65 wires). The strategic choice to mainly concentrate its activity and core business on the production of diamond wires has allowed the company to develop alongside the market and promptly respond to highly specific needs. Next steps toward competitiveness push WIRES ENGINEERING in the direction of more flexibility of its productive systems (tools and machines) and more modularity in the mechanical/electronic modules. WIRES operates with a lean structure on the global market, integrating many different European research centres and technology partners.

Now WIRES is looking at innovations regarding both processes, products and strategies. WIRES ENGINEERING conducts scientific-research works and carries out assessments for industry in the fields of: materials science, structural analysis, fatigue properties and strength of materials and structures, mechanics of machines and equipment, theory of elasticity and plasticity, etc.


Via Mario Franza, 1
10010 Lessolo (To)-Italy
Phone +39 01 255 8791
Website www.wiresengineering.it