TEKS sarl

TEKS Sarl is a dynamic, multinational SME, actively involved in manufacturing and process design and optimisation of advanced materials and composite parts for the aerospace, energy and sport automotive sectors. The company was established in response to a need identified in the automotive and aerospace supply chain: to have greater levels of process flexibility. Thus, TEKS actively develops new products and processes for the manufacturing and structural analysis of novel materials for advanced aerospace and automotive applications. This is a key area as the aerospace industry strives to find lighter materials and high temperature and wear resistance materials to improve the efficiency of commercial aircrafts. TEKS is a leading supplier of advanced composite solutions to the aerospace and motorsport sectors. TEKS core composite solutions include Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs) and Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs). TEKS offers organisations innovative technical solutions and the ability to produce high achieving performance products. Finally, TEKS is deeply involved in several industrial innovation activities for the development of new strategies for sustainable and cost effective manufacturing, from Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), which analyse the environmental impacts of products and processes, to the application of Virtual Reality (VR) functionalities in industrial development and manufacturing. The company expertise includes:
• Advanced Composite manufacturing facilities, both CFRP and Metal matrix Composites for aerospace and motorsport
application (F1 and Le Mans Series)
• Advanced materials development for automotive and aerospace applications
• Self adaptive Robot machining
• Process design and optimisation
• Design and construction of hybrid and self configuring manufacturing systems
• Advanced Interactive Web based communications
• Advanced VR application to manufacturing process
• Technical expertise: engineering, materials development, manufacturing, bio-security and risk analysis.

TEKS is also able to provide advanced industrial manufacturing services.


TEKS France
Les Toits Blancs, 23 Rue du Praya
05100 Montgenevre-France
Website www.teks.eu.com