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PMA (Production engineering, Machine design and Automation), being a division of the Mechanical Engineering Department, is a part of the Engineering Faculty of the KU Leuven. In line with the general mission of the university, the mission of PMA is threefold: education, research, and service to the industry and to the society at large.

PMA carries out research in the areas of production engineering, machine design and mechatronics. More specifically, the research themes include new production processes, CAD/CAM/CAPP, assembly automation, dimensional metrology and reverse engineering, machine and instrument design, structural dynamics and acoustics, motion control, programming and control of robots and intelligent machines, and life cycle engineering. We pursue a balance between basic or long-term research on the one hand, which is vital in order to maintain an advanced scientific level, and applied or short-term research on the other hand, which is probably the most important mission of an engineering research laboratory.

Over the years PMA has gained a lot of expertise in each of these areas, participated in numerous national, European and international projects, and has acquired or built advanced equipment and software. Know-how and infrastructure are exploited in the third component of their mission, service to the industry, in which tailored solutions are pursued or specific assistance is offered in the framework of bilateral projects, or consulting. It has a long-standing experience and contribution to machinetool mechatronic projects.


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