FIDIA S.p.A. founded in 1974, develops, manufactures and sells Numerical Controls, Drives and Milling Machines mainly for the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors. Since year 2001 is listed in the Milan stock exchange. Based in Turin, with three industrial sites in Italy, one Joint Venture in China and nine Subsidiaries overseas, the FIDIA Group employs about 360 people and reached 35 MEURO of T/O in 2010. The Company is, since its creation, among the leaders in the field of Numerical Controls for the milling of complex surfaces. In the early nineties the high-speed milling machines product line was launched and gained rapidly a strong position in the moulds & dies sector. In the paste decade, the “K” series revealed outstanding performances in aerospace applications. In the last two years, the brand new gantry type machines “GTF” have been added to the existing product line and encountered immediately a considerable success in all geographical markets and industry sectors. A significant percentage of the Group’s annual turnover is invested every year in research and development.

FIDIA, as Project coordinator, will assume the responsibility for project management, giving to the Project the industrial leadership necessary for ensuring market take-up of new technologies. Moreover, FIDIA will provide the project with its experience both in the fields of machine tools and CNC manufacturer.


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10099 San Mauro Torines (TO) Italia
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