Scientific Methodology and Work Packages

This project aims at developing a novel Integrated framework for a cost-effective and ease of Repair, Renovation and Re-use of machine tools within modern Factory (machining shop floor), oriented both to SME and large OEM/end-users, and covering the entire life cycle of the system (from design stage throughout operative life).

To address the project topic a problem-solving oriented WPs structure has been set up.

WP1 addresses the end-user requirements and the definition of the target industrial scenario (within the reference industrial context of the participants) for the application and validation of the proposed EASE-R3 framework.

The RTD WPs, namely WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5, will then address respectively the key topics of the project. The results of the proposed developments are mainly targeted to machinery field therefore the developed platforms will be applied to the case-studies belonging to reference scenarios (defined in WP1) for their final assessment (WP6).

Finally, WP7 will address innovation-related activities including exploitation, standardisation risk assessment and management,IPR management and dissemination of results.