ANFIS Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
ANN Artificial Neural Network
AR Augmented Reality
BMD Business Model Drafting
CAD Computer Aided Design
CBM Condition-Based Maintenance
CM Corrective Mainetance
COTS Commercial of the shelf
CTI Competitive Technical Intelligence
DDSS Decomissioning Decision Support System
DEDM Dynamic Error Detection Module
DfE Design for Environment
DMG Decision Making Grid
DOM Design Out Maintenance
EOL End of Life
FL Fuzzy Logic
FMEA Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
FTM Fixed Time Maintenance
HMI Human - Machine Interaction
IO Innovation Opportunities
LCC Life Cycle Cost
LDA Life Data Analysis
LED Lifetime Estimation Device
LM statistical Mean Life
LU Used Life
MDT Mean DownTime
MT Machine Tool
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTBMO Mean Time Between Maintenance Operations
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
NHHP Non - Homogenous Poisson Proccess
NN Neural Network
NPV Net Present Value
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness
OTF Operate to Failure
PBP Preliminary Business Plan
PdM Predective Maintenance
PM Predictive Maintenance
PM Preventive Maintenance
R&M Reliability and Maintainability
RBD Reliability Block Diagram
RCM Reliability Centred Maintenance
RDSS Repair Decision Support System
RUL or LR Remaining useful life
SLU Skill Level Upgrade
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
TA Technology Assessment
TPM Total Productive Maintenance
VR Virtual Reality

VR-based remanufacturing