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INTETAIN 2015: Preliminary study of a Hybrid user interface for augmented reality applications

From 10th to 12th of June the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment will be hosted in Torino, Italy. Federico Manuri and Giovanni Piumatti, researchers at Politecnico di Torino, will be the responsibles for presenting the Preliminary study of a Hybrid user interface for augmented reality applications. The investigation will be presented on 10th of June at the Paper session 2: HCI 1, from 17:00 to 18:40. This work is funded by the EASE-R3 project.

Abstract: Augmented Reality (AR) applications are nowadays largely diffused in many fields of use, especially for entertainment, and the market of AR applications for mobile devices grows faster and faster. Moreover, new and innovative hardware for human-computer interaction has been deployed, such as the Leap Motion Controller. This paper presents some preliminary results in the design and development of a hybrid interface for hand-free augmented reality applications. The paper introduces a framework to interact with AR applications through a speech and gesture recognition-based interface. A Leap Motion Controller is mounted on top of AR glasses and a speech recognition module completes the system. Results have shown that, using the speech or the gesture recognition modules singularly, the robustness of the user interface is strongly dependent on environmental conditions. On the other hand, a combined usage of both modules can provide a more robust input.



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