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Clustered preventive maintenance scheduling for production machinery

Abstract: Besides having effect on the capacity through the availability, the maintenance of production machinery also influences the usage of human and material resources. These factors are strongly related to the costs, which makes the determination of the optimal failure handling solutions be an important task for companies concerned with manufacturing. In order to find the best strategy it is essential to investigate the possibility of not only the individual but also the common maintenance schedule for components of the machines which can be carried out by system level optimization. In this paper an expression is proposed for the calculation of the long term cost per unit time which takes into account the system level effect of the maintenance of production machinery characterized by serial reliability, assuming perfect corrective and preventive interventions. The formula can be used as an objective function of which minimum determines the best solution in economical point of view. In order to find this extremum, a semi-discrete firefly algorithm is implemented which provides component clusters and a common prevention interval for each group. The proposed method is illustrated using an example data set. Furthermore, the values of the steady state availability and cost per unit time achieved by the optimization are verified using Monte Carlo simulation.

Authors: Á. Kocsis, I. Németh

Conference: IN-TECH 2015, International Conference on Innovative Technologies

Date of Conference: 09. - 11.09.2015

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