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EASE-R3 at the Researchers' Night 2015

The Researchers' Night is an event organized by the European Commission (the 10th anniversary is celebrated this year to approach citizens to the research world. Simultaneously in 280 cities across Europe, on September 25th, visitors will be able to take part in experiments, try innovative technologies and become scientists for a night. This year, schools will be deeply involved in the event.

An EASE-R3 team will be in Torino, Italy, presenting the project and allowing visitors to test the augmented reality platform developed to support maintenance tasks. Visitors will be able to use mobile and wearable devices, thus performing a real industrial maintenance procedure.

The Researchers’ Night is a tremendous opportunity to present research activities usually not accessible to a broad audience. Moreover, the huge social impact of the research can be shown, thus fostering more and more communities to support researchers and their projects. In particular, innovative technologies used in EASE-R3 will be soon available for routine assembly and repair activities.

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