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Diamond wire - stone interaction during the cutting process: mechanical, physical and chemical investigations

Abstract: Stone cutting with diamond wires results in the progressive and concurrent wear of the natural stone and the cutting tool (diamond wires - diamond beads). This phenomenon has been investigated since the beginning of stone machining, but there are still several open questions concerning the parameters controlling it. The aim of this study is to establish correlations between the natural stone mineralogical composition and the diamond wires cut performance in terms of efficiency, productivity and diamond beads consumption. This investigation requires a multidisciplinary approach. Microscopic analysis have been done in order to investigate the wear processes of the diamond beads in terms of super-abrasive grains (diamond grits) damage and pull out. Petrographic analysis and mineralogical investigation have been considered in order to correlate the removal rate during the cutting action with the characteristics of the stones. Muds derived from cutting have been characterized for the complete comprehension of the cutting process. The erosion analysis concerned both stone debris and diamond beads, characterizing both the metal powder and super-abrasive grains (diamond) in the cut waste (mud). Moreover, the metal matrix is the core of the diamond wire technology and it drives cutting performance and efficiency.

Authors: S. Spriano, S. Ferraris, R. Bellopede, P. Marini, L. Zichella, A. Tori

Conference: 3rd ICSCM. International Conference on Stone and Concrete Machining

Date of Conference:  02-03.11.2015

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