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Diamond Wire cutting technology and workability of natural stones: Validation of a new classification method (EASE-R3)

Abstract: In the diamond wire stone cutting process the objective is to remove a chip of material or a layer of uniform thickness from the entire length of the cut. The aim of this study is to correlate the cutting performance to the characteristics of the natural stone and subsequently to propose a method of classification strictly connected to stone workability. This paper studies eight different stones classified according to an “easy-to-cut” scale based on the historical company know-how (HIC - Historical Industrial Classification).  This classification is based upon experience and not on explicit or really scientifically quantified parameters, nonetheless, it describes the stones workability completely.

Authors: R. Bellopede, P. Marini, L. Zichella, A. Tori

Conference: 3rd ICSCM. International Conference on Stone and Concrete Machining

Date of Conference:  02-03.11.2015

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